Monuments W.A.


Most images on the webstore are available as matted prints in various sizes and colours.

This particular matted print is a panoramic 53cm x 26cm titled Monuments Western Australia , it was a mid morning photo taken up on the headland , this spot is a favorite umong many west oz chargers who love right hand pits , kelly slater and the late andy irons have all tackled this shallow right tube , experienced surfers only , I love this particular shot due to the flawless aspect of the wave , the clear blue water , and the fact that no-one is surfing it.

Matted prints are great for presents as they are small, relatively light and easy to post or transport , all images are giclee archival prints lightfast for 100yrs then matted and backed with a foam archival quality foamboard , finally they are signed and sealed and stored in bag to protect them from dust , dirt , light and heat .

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