Clay Marzo


All images on webstore are available as matted prints in various sizes and colours.

This particular matted print is a 6' x 10' / 15cm x 25cm titled Clay Marzo , it was a mid morning shot taken with digital 5D mkII and spl surf housing as you can see it was a nice offshore day with some hollow ones from the inside ledge, I was shooting clay marzo who rarely likes getting out the point with everyone else as prefers to surf less crowded closeouts further down the reef. However on this day he braved the crowds and scored a few deep ones, needless to say clay was the standout even if he cant handle the crowds.

Small matted prints are great for presents as they are small, relatively light and easy to post or transport , all images are giclee archival prints lightfast for 100yrs then matted and backed with a foam archival quality foamboard , finally they are signed and sealed and stored in bag to protect them from dust , dirt , light and heat .

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